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AnNetGen v1.0

AnNetGen AnNetGen is an UDP packet generator.

It enables you to test the response of programs to a customizable number of packets, sent at a specified rate. It can broadcast packets, and will be able to send TCP packets when there will be a need for this feature.

This program allowed me to study how Eicon's DivaAssistant interpreted the packets sent by the router, by simulating them. It is possible to find out the function of fields in an unknown protocol by making them vary and seeing how the client program reacts. This enabled me to develop AnIPAssistant.

Downloads: [ Windows ]

AnIPAssistant v0.802

AnIPAssistant This program is a network montior for the Eicon DIVA 24xx ADSL router/modem serie.

Features :

  • Automated WAN IP updates by four different means. This helps people with ISPs providing only dynamic IP to keep their DNS / servers / clients sync with the WAN IP of the modem. This version supports internaly Direct Connect, DC++ and BulletProof FTP Server v2.15. It can also write the IP in a DOS or UNIX text file, querry a web site with customizable arguments, or launch a program.#
  • Manual WAN IP update, which enables the user to refresh the IP as above when he wants to.*
  • An event logger, which provides informations on the modem status.#
  • Upload and download rate graphs, with history.#
  • A modem up-time display.*
The features marked with a * require SNMP-enabled firmwares. The ones with a # are incompatible with EICON's Diva Assistant and require you to stop it and its associated service.

Screenshots: Log  Traffic  IP Update 

Downloads: [ Windows ]

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