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AnIPAssistant v0.802

AnIPAssistant This program is a network montior for the Eicon DIVA 24xx ADSL router/modem serie.

Features :

  • Automated WAN IP updates by four different means. This helps people with ISPs providing only dynamic IP to keep their DNS / servers / clients sync with the WAN IP of the modem. This version supports internaly Direct Connect, DC++ and BulletProof FTP Server v2.15. It can also write the IP in a DOS or UNIX text file, querry a web site with customizable arguments, or launch a program.#
  • Manual WAN IP update, which enables the user to refresh the IP as above when he wants to.*
  • An event logger, which provides informations on the modem status.#
  • Upload and download rate graphs, with history.#
  • A modem up-time display.*
The features marked with a * require SNMP-enabled firmwares. The ones with a # are incompatible with EICON's Diva Assistant and require you to stop it and its associated service.

Screenshots: Log  Traffic  IP Update 

Downloads: [ Windows ]