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jSAVF v1.28
jSAVF jSAVF enables you to consult and check the integrity of an IBM iSeries (AS/400) SAVF save file on a workstation with a Java runtime environment. No connection to an iSeries is needed.

Once a SAVF is open, the objects are listed in a format similar to the one provided by the DSPSAVF command. You can export this list to a text file using the File menu in a format like the one provided by the DSPSAVF *PRINT command. Unlike DSPSAVF, you can order the displayed objects by using the list headers.

You can also export a data or source file member to a text file using the context menu. The data will be converted to be readable outside an iSeries, and put together in columns of fixed width.

These integrity checks will be performed by jSAVF :

  • The file size is validated against the SAVF header information, to be sure it has not been truncated.
  • The blocks read by jSAVF are checked against the block checksums in the SAVF. jSAVF will therefore control the integrity of part of the SAVF during its indexing, and the rest if you try to export it.

The SAVF file format analysis has been done with a good hex editor and some info found in the archive.midrange.com forum (particularly the two IBM proprietary checksum algotithms).


  • The data conversions between EBCDIC and Unicode require some Java codepages which are optional in some JRE versions. If you install a JRE, ensure you check every install option, otherwise some SAVF might not be readable.
  • jSAVF requires a JRE v1.5 or above.


  • jSAVF can only display SAVFs which are uncompressed, or compressed using the old compression method (*YES below V5R2, *LOW after). The *MEDIUM and *HIGH methods will come later.
  • jSAVF eats quite a lot of memory, especially while indexing a big compressed SAVF. By default, Java limits the amount of memory available to an application to a fixed value, often below the amount of memory really available. This limit can be increased with the -Xmx option available on the java and javaw commands (ex: java -Xmx 512m jSAVF.jar).

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