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BugFix & Update: jSAVF 1.71

This version fixes a bug which prevented jSAVF from opening large SAVFs (more than a terabyte).

A component which allows jSAVF to check a block's checksum only once was limited to 2147483647 blocs, which is problematic when the SAVF contains more.

Given the memory cost of keeping this state for all blocks, I've disabled the cache for SAVF which have more blocs than this limit. This can reduce the performance a bit if you read the same bloc more than once, but it's unlikely on a SAVF this big. If this proves to be too detrimental to performance I'll think about using a more efficient data structure than the one currenlty used to hold this data, maybe an interval-tree could work there.

I've also updated the jSAVF dependencies and the embedded JRE bundled in the installable version for Windows. So jSAVF now needs a Java 18 version or better.

If you encounter any issue with this version don't hesitate to reach out to me.