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AnCrypt v1.038

AnCrypt AnCrypt is a Notepad-like text editor which crypts the edited files (BlowFish 448bit algorithm). It can be used to carry confidential data on an USB key.

Encrypting a text file enables you to keep its content safe. Typical uses of this program would be to store passwords you can't remember, or other important information you wouldn't want other people to see.

Specially designed to be small and easy to move around, this program has nearly the same interface as the default Windows notepad. It doesn't require any installation, and allows you for example to bring it along with your sensitive data on a floppy or an USB key.

This program relies only on encryption to protect your data, and does not offer any protection against other attacks like memory dump, window text copy, screenshot analysis, clipboard hijacking, swap file access, keylogger, ...
If you suspect you are in an hostile environment, do not open your encrypted file.

This program was created at the start of the century and generates keys which are relatively cheap to break. It only remains available to allow previous users to decrypt their files and move on to something else.
It should no longer be considered to offer a good enough security for the current environment.
For any serious use, prefer using a modern password manager (Ex: KeePass, Password Safe, ...).

Downloads: [ Win98/Me ] [ Win2k/XP/2003 ]